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Life back in Cambridge


 Life back in Cambridge. 


I've never lived in English speaking country,  so this short transfer to Cambridge was a very cool experience. 



Calm quiet morning.  Town wakes up early and sleeps early too.  I remember rushing into the "Sainsbury's" supermarket to buy groceries. 


On the weekdays study on campus and on the weekends get on to the bullet train for short trip to London or Oxford. 




In London,  walking around the old and modern streets and feeling like a Londoner. 

I've actually been to London more than 10 times in my life but never get bored. 


In Oxford,  compare to Cambridge it felt more modern and pretty crowded with cars and people.  I quite liked Cambridge more than Oxford for being able to feel the nature right next to you. 



If I have chance to visit again, I will never want to leave Cambridge again. 

That's how much this town made me fall in love.