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Millennial Generation in Japan is usually called as "Yutori " or "Satori " generations. 

though they are young and powerful,  it seems like the society is not really focusing on them and their future.


On the other hand,  Millennial Generation in USA are receiving more hope and positive expectations.  


I have read so many articles such as "NEW YORK TIMES " "TIMES " "FORBES " "WASHINGTON POST " "GUARDIAN " etc.. 


It seems like,  the way how millennial generation react to the society are almost the same in both Japan and in USA. 


Japanese elderlies hates to handle millennial in the company but that same feelings are understood by the adults in USA too. 



Then why Japanese Millennial doesn't get any positive attention?! 

It's because our generation is not a big generation when looking at the population graph the reason shows clearly. 



Since we are few of those that would lead the world, I believe Millennals in Japan must fight against the stupid work place hierarchy that the elderlies loves! 


Have a great Monday!!