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Know youself Be everything


Hi!  How is your GW holiday so far?! 

I've told to come to office on GW so my Golden Weeks is not as shiny as yours :)




I believe NORMAL is boring 


But at the same time 


NORMAL is beautiful 



These selfie apps is a everyday tool to take pics. 


You can feel that you are totally different person.  


It is indeed a very cool app that you can easily change yourself into many different categories. 


But at the same time it's not you. 


It's someone totally different which makes you feel interested in it. 


We all want to be different,  unique, and diverse.  


But once you get all that it's YOU that have to find the way to be YOUrself but at the same time different, unique, and diverse. 


And for me all this together equals NORMAL ME 


in that sense being NORMAL is pretty cool. 

It really depends on how you interpret all the situation and position you are in. 


I was looking thorough my YouTube folder and I found very old video of myself. 


Me in the left. 


And I thought of an article that the Japanese elementary kids dream job is a YOUTUBER. 

Now it is a official job.


I don't know the reason why they want to be one of the youtubers,  but I just want to make one thing clear. 


When you share your words outside, I believe it's important to know yourself. And to be aware of what you are or will be doing. 


In other words, you can be anything if you know your self and know your direction. 


I always write like I talk so it gets confusing but anyways, hope y'all have a great holiday. 

















Yoyogi Park Session - YouTube