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OKAY so what does "Boss " really mean??? 



An individual that is usually the immediate supervisor of some number of employees and has certain capacities and responsibilities to make decisions. The term itself is not a formal title, and is sometimes used to refer to any higher level employee in a company, including a supervisor, manager, director, or the CEO.

(Business Dictionary) 


So according to BD boss is a individual person that is in charge of some numbers of employees and has certain capacities and responsibility to make decision


Okay.  Understood. 

But let me tell you that when a boss becomes BOSSY the situation becomes caotic. 


I'm so sorry to say but this really becomes a problem when a woman boss turns out to be bossy. 










In other words, they try to stay as young as possible by using pretty expensive cosmetics and tries to stay in good fit to attract gentleman.  But actually because of THIS the worst thing happens. 


Which is....... 


Bullying the younger woman who eneters into the company, because always man likes younger woman (well I don't know why's that.... But that's how most of ppl says) 


Just seeing or having younger girls at the office scares them 


But think this way! 





Well it's obvious. 

It's because they are not using their knowledge or experience to fight for new project but they used their beauty. 


Just being a ass-kisser won't give you a great position.  


It's time for you to wake up! 


Excuse me for my words but, let me tell you one thing. 


Never show your true feeling to the ass-kissers cuz they are the most stupid but the most scary creatures on earth that when they become out of control they my literally kill you. 


It's really sad to talk this topic on a nice sunny saturday but I just had to. 


For those who are still enjoying your weekends,  have a great day!!