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We are in 21st centry. 

We are all connected. 

We have smart phones. 

We all have the chance to see the world through this small device. 


Especially,  our generation are called as "Wired Generation "


We are connected with our friends and strangers 24/7.


It is indeed pretty cool era. 

But is it really "Cool "?!


We can reach out to the information we want at anytime anywhere. 


We are boderless 

We are global 

Filled with bunch of information and trends all around the world. As I mentioned in my previous blog, we can pretty much get most of the infos we need and want by searching on Google




At the same time we are feeling EMPTY



Posted a photo on instagram 3 mins ago.... But I don't get any hearts nor comments.... 


Uploaded an album on Facebook but nobody reacts about it..... 


Why. Why?! Whyyyyyyy 



Hey!  Come down! 

I think the cool parts about SNS is to be able to get a quick reaction from your friends or strangers. 


But what's more cool is you have the FREEDOM to SHARE! 


Even though you might not get 10000000likes or 1.5k hearts. 


We can spread the words to the world with just ONE CLICK. 


I have been talking pretty Japanese way. In other words I haven't explained what I really mean here straight forward. 




What I mean is we should use that freedom for success. And appreciate it. 


Don't change your way of expressing things just for cheap LIKES!