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No Avocado No Life

Look, baby boomers.

You can have a go at our taste in music, our penchant for dating apps and our addiction to the butterfly filter on Snapchat but don't start on our love for avocados on toast, alright?

Let us eat in peace.

(ELLE,  Millennials Are Blamed For Being Poor Because They Love Avocado Too Much) 


Millennials prefer less expensive food and they want it to be convenient, but at the same time they’re willing to pay more for fresh, healthy food.


This generation is also more aligned with key food movements, including organic agriculture and small-batch artisanal cuisine.


I think the answer is YES!

Indeed,  we think about our health and eating habits more carefully and we spread that ideas through SNS which shows great change. 



There might be many different opinions on this but what I personally think, why we love organic foods are because we want to know everything clearly without hiddent infos. 


We want to know WHERE this carrot came from 

WHO made these onions 

WHICH country was is grown 


Since, we are raised with bunch of junk infos when it comes to food we want to be clear and feel safe about what we are really consuming into out body. 


This mind brings us down to being a "Organic food lovers "


We might seem weird,  mysterious creature but we truly are thinking about our future and ourselves.