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Slowest in the World


Japan have great technology fast bullet trains,  transportation arriving on time, almost no stealing, safest place to live on earth... 


We'll it's all WRONG !!!!

Indeed, we do have great knowledge in certain fields and are praised for our own uniqueness. 

But we should never feel satisfied for things we are good at. 


We should feel a shame for things we are bad at. 


8 reasons why Japan is slow and inefficient in business field. 

1. Japan avoids risk, shuns challenges  

2. “Making changes to the organization is great, but just don’t make me change.”

3. Go with what you know 

4. Students are taught to “solve the easily solvable problem first.”

5. Lack of “high risk, high return” culture 

6. No authority at the lower levels 

7. HQ is number one

8. Meetings: always large, never personal 


Instead of working over time and feeling sorry for leaving the office early. 


I really do think that if u work efficiently, there is no need to stay long and feel sorry for starting your happy hours earlier that others. 


It's so stupid to use your energy for something that won't make money!!!!! 

Time is money!!! 


That's what I wanted to shout out today lol 

Have a good night :)